We would like to give you the possibility to decide what your wedding will be like.

You wish your wedding day in Phuket to be the most special, magical and romantic day for you in your life.

You also don’t want to trust an organization or “ a group of people from an agency”.

What you really need is a group of people who feels you, who hears you and who understands you like no other.

All that to take up the preparations for this most amazing day for you.

We would like to introduce you such organization.

Phuketwed listens and hears you...


Our administrator Maria is Phuketwed's ears. She is ready to listen to your wishes 24 hours a day and answer all the questions you are interested in. Maria never misses anything, because we listen to you very carefully.

Phuketwed speaks with you and your guests...


Our master of ceremonies Kirill has the voice of a professional announcer, the charm of the best friend and a sense of humor. Nobody can get bored on a special day, because we speak with each of your guests.

Phuketwed think over every little detail...


Designer Daria - our “golden hands”. Everything she touches turns into a real work of art, whether it's a champagne glass, a vase or an ordinary envelope. As if by magic, one wave of your hand and ... You will find yourself in a fairy tale created especially for you by our designer.

Phuketwed feels you...


Truly harmonious man raids sixth sense - a feeling that is granted to him from above. Our makeup artists have become such a feeling for us. Possessing not only the professionalism of a makeup artist, but also a psychologist’s diploma, Svetlana will cheer up and support, dispel fears and help cope with surging emotions.

Phuketwed feels you...


Makeup artist Dinara will see the highlight in that look and smile, which slightly emphasizing will create the image of a princess from a fairy tale.

No one can remain indifferent!

Phuketwed will create a unique flavor of your wedding ...


Florist Bangon - our sense of smell. Her shop has flowers from all over Thailand. Each flower has its own meaning and unique aroma. With the help of her apprentices, Bangon creates a special combination of flowers for each day. In addition to the beauty of living roses, orchids and lotuses, your wedding will be remembered for its unique aroma, having heard that, you will come back again and again to the day when it all began.



Phuketwed sees the true beauty of love… 


Our Phuket photographers and videographers are the eyes of Phuketwed. Over the years, they saw so much beauty that they learned to convey the smallest shades of beauty through the lens, making each photoshoot unlike the others and possessing its own special highlight and unique charm.

Photographer Alexander


The most charming photographer of our team! Alex will find a common language with any client. It is very easy and easy to work with him, and this is a very important point, so that the client does not feel constrained and can trust a professional. Having a huge number of shootings, both in Russia and in Thailand, Alexander will help you capture the most sincere emotions that will convey the importance of the moment.

Photographer Andrei


The most positive member of our team!) His approach to work, perseverance in processing and high-quality result, make sure that he is a true professional in his field! Thanks to his extraordinary vision of photography, Andrei has repeatedly become the best photographer of the day at the famous wedding resource MyWed, which means that you can safely entrust him with your wedding day. Any shooting will be so easy, as if you were being photographed by an old and good friend!)

Videographer Tigor


Tigor - a man who can be called a master of video shooting. Imposing on you his camera, he sees a final picture, and this is, of course, very important! At first glance, he may seem very serious, but in a few minutes, this feeling will disappear by itself. During shooting, Tigor is completely immersed in the work process, trying to make the best result!